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Product name:H-PES hydrophilic hollow fiber MF membrane
Product specification: H-MF-0.1/H-MF-0.2/H-MF-0.45
Product information:

Type H-PES-MF-0.1 H-PES-MF-0.2 H-PES-MF-0.45 H-PES-MF-0.65
Membrane material Hydrophilic polyethersulfone,PVDF
Pore diameter /µm 0.1 0.2 0.45 0.65
Pure water flux /(L/m2h.bar) 850 1000 1200 3000
Other parameters Explosive pressure >0.6 MPa
pH-range 2-13
Chlorine resistance Good
Temperature range(℃) 1-80
Application Water purification,cooling water reuse,wastewater treatment,MBR, beer and wine filtration and bacteria removal, concentration of yeast and bacteria , amino acid separation from fermentation fluid, vinegar clarification, soy sauce clarification and bacteria removal.