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Product name:H-UF hydrophilic hollow fiber UF membrane
Product specification:H-UF-60/H-UF-150
Product information:
Type H-UF-6 H-UF-20 H-UF-60 H-UF-150
Membrane material Double skin Double skin Double skin Single skin
Molecular weight cutoff (MWCO) 6000 20000 65000 150000
Pure water flux /(L/m2h.bar) 50 100 300 500
Other parameters Explosive pressure >0.6 MPa
pH-range 2-13
Chlorine resistance Good
Temperature range(℃) 1-80
Application Protein fractionation and classification, purification and concentration of vaccines,removal of bacteria, clarification of Chinese medicine oral liquid,Chinese medicine injection, concentration and refinement of antibiotics,Liver ascites removal, medical water,filtration and refinement of the Chinese traditional medicine,clarification of wine,pure water production.